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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Beauty Products I Swear By

I've been meaning to write a post for some time on the products I can't live without as a mom...to a fast-moving toddler. I'm not quite sure what I did before I had little C. Spent hours in the bathtub sprinkling bath salts amongst me...painted my nails to perfection after my shower, including a nice shiny topcoat; used a 10-step skincare routine; blowdried my hair, for heaven's sake?? Yes, yes, I did those things. And now my beauty routine is slightly altered (obvi). But, you know what? I wouldn't change a darn thing about it...I almost think my old routine needed a little simplifying! So, without further ado, here are some products I swear by:

1. Facial Towelettes
Don't get me wrong, I do wash my face with a gentle cleanser (err, from time to time), but on those "off" nights when I'm so, so tired or just plum lazy, I reach for a facial towelette to wipe off my make-up (that is, if I even applied it that day. Most days I do, but there are those days...). I've used Target's paraben-free/organic lines Yes to Carrots and Yes to Blueberries and love them because they're made from "real" ingredients. I also loooove Josie Maran's Bear Naked Wipes. And lately, I've been addicted to the wipes with White Tea Extract by Burt's Bees. And no matter how tired I am, I just don't go to bed with makeup on. Period.

2. John Frieda's Frizz-Ease 
I know it's not all-natural, but I haven't found anything else to control my frizzies the way this magical serum does. Almost every night these days, I rub a dollop through my just-shampooed hair, just before I use the cool setting on my blowdryer (and tad bit of heat on the ends) to get the excess water out before I let my hair naturally dry. The next morning, my hair has the perfect beach waviness to it (well, after I comb it a little). And recently, I've started using the new Smooth Start Repairing Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner and I do think I've seen some quick results. I love the way my air-dried hair has been looking as of late, so that's the best way to tell, right? No frizzies here! And honestly I love how huge the bottles are for just $5.99. Right on target with this mom's budget.

Some like it, some don't. I love mine! Since the day I first started using this "machine," I've been obsessed. It was actually recommended to me by an esthetician as I was getting my eyebrows waxed one day and I think she was horrified with my skin. But, seriously. I got one that very week and never looked back. Why? Well, besides spot-treating any acne with the miraculous Clindamycin my dermatologist prescribed me (it's slightly drying, but nonetheless miraculous, I'm telling you!), I use the Clarisonic with a gentle cleanser a few times a week and my skin has never been better. The best thing? You can take it with you in the shower, moms. You know, those 30-second showers you take? Oh, and my only regret? That I have something other than white. I know, major problems...sigh...

I've said this before, but I'm a new convert to this makeup. JK is a color genius, and makes it so easy for someone who doesn't know that much about which color to wear on your lips v. cheeks v. eyes, etc. Go to her site, choose your hair color, and there is instantly a makeup shop meant just for you and your coloring. And, trust me. As a strawberry blonde, it's always been soooo hard for me to find my correct colors. You can get an entire palette of everything you need for $49.50, which is a steal and totally worth it. By changing my makeup colors (especially loving the blush and lip gloss!) to JK's, I feel like I completely transformed my look for the better.

P.S. I also love the subtleness/weightlessness of Bare Escentuals.

5. AmorePacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel
If you take one extra step to pamper yourself (we all must do this, by the way!), you should splurge (um, it's $100) on this oil-free gel. I've never been huge into gels and serums and moisturizers and creams, but I must say. When this little sample arrived in my latest Glossybox, I was pleasantly surprised. I've never felt anything so great on my face and neck...it's amazing! (and it doesn't have any icky chemicals in it) It's meant to improve moisture levels (and I can already tell a huge difference in my skin, for serious), delay signs of aging and even contribute to the clearing of breakouts. So that's why my skin feels extra perky lately! I haven't a bad thing to say about this product...shaking my head. 

And now you know my deepest, darkest mom secrets! :) Have fun!

P.S. After writing this, I completely forgot to include another "love of my life"...Ojon's Full Detox dry shampoo. Read my review of it, and trust me. It's life-changing

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