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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Just Like Mama

Hey, mamas. Whiny Wednesday is back this week after a brief hiatus (but didn't you rather enjoy Jean Godfrey-June's guest post last week?). Now that summer is in full swing, I'm so glad little C. has taken to his Crocs. I was so worried (as we moms always do) that he was going to insist upon his socks and tennis shoes all summer long. And if you're from the south, you know these 100-degree temps as of late do not mix with socks. There's just no way. 

I actually first bought little C. a pair of brown Crocs this year because I knew they would go with most anything - and they do! He shook his head in protest every, single time I asked him to try them out (even though he had lived in his black ones the year before!). He wouldn't even put one on to try (stubborn is a trait he inherited, I suppose). Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere (or could be after he saw two of our neighbors in them), he decides to put them on...but, it was his decision, of course. Gotta love that toddler independence. Several months later I was contacted by Crocs to collaborate. I asked little C. what color he would like and he responded with "blue and green." Oh, boy. Can you believe I found the perfect pair, shown above?? This little guy is now obsessed with his Crocs and will hardly wear much else for everyday wear. (I do have a no-Crocs at church rule...the southern in me? shrug.) And now guess what? The comedian in him wants to wear one brown and one blue. Le sigh...

What made me really happy to find out is that Crocs now offers wedges. Yes, you read that. Wedges. The style I chose here is the "A-leigh" ($59.99), and it's unbelievably comfortable. If you're not a mom and reading this (well, for one, I'm flattered, because I would've stopped reading long ago), you must realize how comfort is key for everyday. Honestly, I would never set foot in the traditional style little C. wears; it's a kid thing. But these? They're peep-toes and they have a certain bounce in their step. Sometimes we get tired of wearing the same flats, and monster wedges are just out of the question, for the safety of our little ones (little C. has taken to saying "mama, hold you," constantly...bless his heart on his misuse of pronouns, but so precious). These are a great in-between shoe to keep it stylish, yet practical. Because we can't wear Louboutins every day. Wink.

P.S. If you could only see how happy the beach made my little C. last week, your heart would melt. He loved every bit of it, and thanks to our backyard pool, this little guy's gonna be a fish (which I love). He keeps calling out the name of our beach cottage again and again, and makes me sad to tell him "we'll be back next year." When next year rolls around, we vow we'll stay two weeks. Time flies...

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