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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Mudpuppy Magnets

Once a week, little C. and I take a trip to the "bookstore". We build blocks, play with the train, read books and have our mama/son time. And if I'm feeling extra-brave for the day, I take him to lunch. It's actually my fav day of the week; I just love hanging out with my little guy. 

Call him spoiled (right now he has only-child syndrome, indeed), but most weeks (not every!) he gets to pick out at least something to bring home with him, even if it's a small book. This week, I gave him the option of a new train car or these alphabet magnets. And I knew he would pick these. He's such a learner, and loves his letters and numbers and figuring it all out. I had been searching for the perfect wooden magnetic letters for a long time, and these by Mudpuppy are perfect (I could hardly find any that weren't plastic, and you know I loathe...these are made from 80-percent recycled wood)! They're $18 and worth every bit of it. They stick to the fridge (obvi), but also to his little art easel and he loves that!

There are 40 letters, and it includes doubles of some of the letters but not others (which bothers little C., ha, but oh well! I'm glad we have extra because something always gets lost.). And you know me, I can't get enough of the cute patterns on them, illustrated by Helen Dardik. Mudpuppy actually uses mostly artwork for their products (which are all some sort of paper product), and you can even submit your own on their Web site. So very cool. The company started as a puzzle company (we own an amazing dinosaur one, by the way!), and has since expanded a ton (it's very popular in museum stores...). In writing this review, I actually discovered these magnets also come in numbers, farm animals and more. Gonna have to check the bookstore for these asap...nope, he's not spoiled at all. Wink.
[Photos from Mudpuppy]

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