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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Munch, Munch

As you mamas all know, we just returned from a road that was supposed to cost us about 10 hours, but with little C. ended up being more like 13 hours. Le sigh. But, honestly? I didn't mind one bit because (a) I love road trips and (b) little C. was super great. I mean, I can hardly believe it. The older he gets, the easier he is to travel with - and I thought it was supposed to be reverse? (I could barely drive with him to the grocery store as a baby without him throwing a car tantrum...ugh.) 

With that being said, we brought an entire cooler and two large bags of food for the trip. My fav part? Just as we were leaving for the week, the mailman delivered a packaged and inside of it were these handy, dandy snack containers from Boon. Talk about perfect timing. Boon is def a top three brand for us around here...we just love it! So innovative, yet practical (and pretty! and safe!) all at the same time. It wasn't until halfway through the trip down that I filled the "Munch" container ($7.49, below) with something. Let me explain. little C. is not a big snacker; it seems he has lived to make snacktime brutal for me, in fact. Any of the easy, cheesy snacks you can dump out on the stroller tray and  highchair? Nope, would never have them. I've spent countless hours chopping and cutting and pureeing fruits and veggies (or else it was something like cheese that had to be refrigerated). So enter the CHEERIO. Thank the heavens above. He loves the things (once again, all of a sudden!), and I then placed the angelic Cheerios in the Munch container, and the Munch container is now a diaper bag necessity. End of story. 

P.S. I'm also in love, as is little C., with the "Caterpillar Stack" container ($14.99) above. We have the blue one, and I can almost guarantee you it will now be filled with...you guessed it...Cheerios. But, if you're child loves multiple dry food snacks, it's great for that. :)
[Photos Courtesy Boon]

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