Whiny Wednesday: Romp ~ I Heart Heels

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Romp

Oh. my. goodness. I've stumbled upon the most blissful Web site, Romp. Why blissful? It's a children's online toy site that carries eco-friendly toys - that are more like "treasured heirlooms" than any ol' toy. Toys that encourage kids to actually use their imagination, and not just push a button to hear a sound or see something light up (rest assured, we have those toys, too, but you know what I mean). These wooden toys and the like are the kind of things little C. loves to play with, too.

Romp originally opened in Brooklyn back in 2005, and for the past several years has remained an online-only store. Um, of which, I could go nuts over. Hold. my. credit. card. Quick! (actually, I sent the link to my mother-in-law and she's already bought three things from it!)

little C. and I were lucky enough to be sent something for review, and it was this beautiful (handcrafted) Rainbow Stacking Tower ($38). It's meant for 1-2 years old, but these types of toys never get old, and that's what I love. You should've seen his face light up last weekend when I brought it to him in his playroom. Yes, it was bliss. That face is what makes it all worthwhile, folks. See, at his "school" (aka mother's day out) and at Sunday School at church, his fav toy of all to play with is the stacking ring set. So, you can imagine his expression when he saw he was getting his very own. Omigosh! And since he already knows all of his colors, he gets such a kick out of naming them one by one. The coolest part is all of the paint on this toy is water based with natural oils. 

I'm pretty over the moon about this store (as if you can't tell), and I can't wait to bring out the rest of the MIL's toys to share (pretty sure one involves a sailboat, and he loves those). I also have my eye on the cutest little magnetic fishing game! Until then, we'll be stacking and stacking and stacking...

P.S. In case you're wondering, little C. turns a whopping 2 1/2 this month, and he is talking my ear off - soooooo stinking cute. My fav words de jour are yesterday, tomato, Home Depot and ice cream cone (I mean, I don't know where he gets these words? haha). Oh, and the other day after he visited daddy's work, he asked me to "show him I Heart Heels."

He's absolutely loving our pool, and is already SUCH a little fish. And I know I've trained him right when he requests a "turkey dog" for dinner. :) When I look at him lately though, he looks like such a little boy - not a baby anymore. I guess I'm gonna have to face the truth and realize. But, man, I sure don't want to...sad face. This guy has stolen my heart.

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