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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cynthia Rowley/Band-Aid Beach Sport Kit

Well summer has certainly started off with a bang, am I right? I know everyone's tired of hearing everyone else complain about the heat, but can I whine one time and say in my girly, sing-songy voice I'm hot. Ok, I'm done. We started off summer, as we always do, on our annual beach vacay and ever since we haven't left the pool at our own house. In fact, we eat dinner every, single night on our back deck under the umbrella. I'm obsessed. 

Something else I'm obsessed with this summer are the Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids in my beauty cabinet. You heard me talk about them in the fall (I die over the one decorated with sequins!), and now these are the summer designs, this time in a "beach sport kit" ($12). We first spoke to Cynthia about them backstage at fashion week in February. Isn't she such a genius?

There are 20 Band-Aids (all one size) and four little Neosporin packets - and the cute little case they come in is perfect for taking along to the beach (there's also a yellow version). The Band-Aids really are amazing - besides being adorable (who can resist a seahorse in the summer?), they're 100-percent waterproof and I'm serious (I received samples to try them out). They do not budge. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I had the chance to sport one proudly this weekend when I slipped on the pool steps and cut my toe (on what, I have no idea, but yeah...just call me cool like that...). What's more, D. actually cut his toe while riding his bike on vacay and good ol' me had brought along the CR beach kit, so he walked around for a week with his CR Band-Aid on, of which I still tease him about...can't help.

It's always fun to sport these boo-boo or sans boo-boo...there's always a where did you get that? No one cares how you hurt yourself, just where you got the Band-Aid. :)

P.S. I kept trying for opportunities of photos of me wearing my CR Band-Aids, but alas. It just felt so weird. You probably don't want to see my bandaged toe, so product shots you get. You're welcome. :)
[Photos Courtesy Cynthia Rowley]

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