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Monday, July 16, 2012

For Your Fall Shoe Fund, Tweed

While we're on the subject of shoes today (ok, like we're ever not), let's discuss how much we love a tweed shoe. Heart it to pieces? Yes, yes, we do. Sometimes a bulky tweed can be not so flattering on the body (with the exception of a Chanel tweet jacket, hello), but it's such an incredibly beautiful and rich fabric. I know I certainly adore it. For fall, I'm banking on these tweed Stella wedges by lillybee

They're covered in a rich tweed Marc Jacobs fabric, chicettes, and have a gray patent heel (so squeal-worthy). It's so hot right now, one can hardly utter the words tweed, I know. But, here in a couple of months you'll thank me. Why? Because these are gonna sell out quickly! Get. yours. (or start your shoe fund...) now.

P.S. This shoe also comes in black suede, but there's no way our eyes are leaving the unique yellow tweed. Too adorable!

[Photo Courtesy SimplySoles]

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