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Monday, July 23, 2012

Label We Heart: Blanc de Chine

Hello, hello, my little fashion darlings! Today on this fahhhhbulous Monday morning I'm wanting to chat luxe. Bear with me? There are some things in fashion, let's be realistic, we'll probably never own. So in order to satisfy our cravings we must feast our eyes upon the most gorgeous photos we can find. These photos are from the Blanc de Chine fall/winter 2012 collection, and I find them mesmerizing. Don't you?

Blanc de Chine is a new one for me.The Hong Kong design house is the first international Chinese luxury brand to make an effort in bringing traditional Chinese culture into the modern world. This particular collection uses a variety of colors and textures to create an array of looks, from chic daytime wear to glittering evening dresses ($20,000 glittering evening dresses! accessories start at $500...). 

I'm in love with the oversized black cape above...I mean, can you imagine the gasps upon entry when wearing that piece? Too much! I absolutely love how it makes such a statement while remaining so classic at the same time. Everyone needs a black cape, mmmk?

The beauty of the Orient is apparent in each of these pieces - so elegant, so chic. Blanc de Chine is now on my radar, for certain. Even if, um, it means posting the photos on my walls rather than hanging the clothing in my closet. Fashion. girl. problems. 

P.S. Celeb fans include Eva Longoria and Juliette Binoche, and there's a NY locale at 673 5th Avenue (this collection is there now!). If I can carve out time to visit on my trip, I'm sure it's a must see!

[Photos Courtesy Blanc de Chine]

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