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Monday, July 30, 2012

Latest Beauty Favorites

Here at I Heart Heels headquarters (ahem, my home), I test out a lot of beauty products. Yes, it's tough, I know. And while I do end up liking most things, there are some products I could live without; they're just "meh" to me. This past month has been incredible in the beauty product world 'o' mine because I loved tons of products sent to me. So, with this list are my recent favs...products you should go out and grab asap, k?
You know I'm a dry shampoo freak, right? Well, add this duo to my list of laziness. Dark-haired folks, it's the first can of dry shampoo I've tried that's completely clear! Now, that doesn't matter to this light-headed girlie, but I know that's something that's hard to find for you all. I love this formula is very lightweight (it really is completely weightless!), and comes in two adorable scents (are scents adorable? yes, yes, they are...). Grab a can for $15 and make your life so much easier...

This mascara came in my June GLOSSYBOX (which I adore, by the way...can't get enough of these pint-sized beauty products each month...I'm seriously addicted.). There were five products included (plus a bonus organic perfume sample!), and this one stuck out to me (such a show-off). The formula actually includes argan oil and it's very apparent when you apply it. It makes your lashes so freaking thick - they amazingly stand out. Gasp! While the brand does tout no clumping, I must admit it does quite a bit of this. But you know what? It's because the formula is so thick, and that's one of the reasons why I love this mascara so much. It actually shows up. Wouldn't change a thing about it, just make sure you apply conservatively to avoid those clumps; you'll be fine.
When I heard about this cream, I thought "what the heck, I should try it." Because guess what? I admittedly have some hyper-pigmentation (aka discoloration) on my face. Ugh. I won't point them out to you because then you would look every time (ha), but there are two, and one I can usually hide with my bangs. I realllllly wish I would've been brilliant enough to take a before and after shot with this new KS cream because it has seriously diminished my spots. Like, whoa. I already knew Kate was a miracle-worker, but didn't really have much hope when I first started out. I'm now a believer, folks. I apply this moisturizer each morning and have been using it for the past month (diligently) and have truly noticed a difference. They've faded! Visit Kate's site for all the ingredients, but I do rec this particular product (worth the price). Also, Kate advises to always wear SPF to combat future discoloration spots...great advice! For now, I'm gonna use this product until the very last drop.
I'm not sure I can ever love another soap again. Le sigh. This luxe soap by MOR is quite possibly the best-smelling soap I've ever sniffed (well, I didn't actually sniff, you know what I mean). It's a complete dream! And it's the hugest bar ever in a dainty lil' tin, so it will last foreva and it will make you feel so cool taking it in and out of the tin (wait, that's just me?). Plus, it has that extra oomph of shea butter to make your skin really and truly feel great. Love that.

[Photos Courtesy (re)FRESH; BeautyAddicts; Kate Sommerville; MOR]

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