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Monday, July 9, 2012

Rachel Zoe Layers Her Look

I was with a friend once talking about the "art" of layering necklaces and she told me "I don't think there really is one, you just throw it all on and do it." And to a certain extent, I think she's right. I do think when layering your necklaces, you should consider varying layers as Rachel Zoe does, but what's important is you find some of your fav symbols and pieces and wear them together. I love wearing jewelry with a story behind it, and pieces that I especially love. In fact, just the other day, I caught a glimpse of my grandmother's old jewelry box with several brooches that were her mother's. Completely lovely and spectacular...I was quite amazed.

While I do love a great bib or shorter "t-shirt" necklace, the long pendant has always been my favorite. If you don't choose to layer it with others, it stands so chicly on its own. You can tell just by looking that Rachel's pendant (complete with charm) has significance and is extremely well made. The details? She recently wore the handcrafted 24k gold and oxidized gilver leaf pendant by Yossi Harari with 18k gold Alphabet ‘S’ for son Skyler and ‘Thumbs Up’ Charm with Yellow Nacre, Brown Diamonds and Emerald by Sally Sohn.

I've been searching for something to wear to honor little C. and am quite in love with this leaf/charm combo. A little "c" for my little C., perhaps?

P.S. I have to wonder if Malibu is really that chilly to wear so many layers of clothing. I see celebs all the time this way (scarfs! hats! cardis!)...sheesh. It's a sweltering 100 degrees here, so if only...

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