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Monday, July 16, 2012

ShoeDazzle Stylist Anya Sarre: Summer Sun Style

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm soooo excited to have a special guest blogger on I Heart Heels today: celebrity stylist Anya Sarre, who also happens to be chief accessories and handbag stylist for Shoedazzle.com. Squeal, right??? This glam gal knows all about the perfect heels (duh) and is one of Hollywood's most influential trendsetters (and I also believe congrats are in order for this new mama? yay!!). Without further ado...here's what Anya has to say about staying chic in the summertime...

By Anya Sarre, Guest Blogger & Stylist for Shoedazzle.com
With the sun staying up later than ever, you'll find you want to stay out later than usual! While the days are long, summer is a great time to revive and reinvent your look. If you want to make sure that other people see your beauty for what it is, there are a number of things that you can start with. Beauty is one of those nebulous concepts, but when you know you’ve got it, nothing can stop you. 

Look Down
Summer is a time when your shoes and your feet aren’t going to be obscured by long pants and snow. Work from the outside in. Start with a great pedicure and get your feet looking their best. This is something that takes a little bit of time, but at the end of the day, it can make a huge difference to how you feel. Once you have a pedicure to die for, you’ll discover that you need shoes that show it off! This summer, opt for the season’s hottest styled pair of women’s shoes—open-toed heels, wedges and embellished flats or sandals! Whether you just want something playfully strappy or you want an open-toed high heel look, you’ll discover that there are many choices out there for you. Strut a floral-printed wedge heel with a pair of colored denim and accent hair accessories to look summertime ready!

Swish, Swish!

If you want to make a dramatic statement this summer, pick skirts that have some flow to them. Many women are worried that their skirts make their hips look bigger than is optimal, but the truth of the matter is that it’s all about the weight of the fabric. For example, if you find that your skirt is made out of thick cotton, it might give you too much heft. On the other hand, choosing something that is made out of gorgeous light gauze will make you look daintier than a feather. Embrace bright clothes, clothes that flow, and skirts with some swish. Don’t shy away from patterns either, as they can give you a truly phenomenal sophisticated silhouette! Grab a stripped floral maxi dress and a colorful pendant necklace to give you a lean and elongated look despite height or size! 

Pamper Your Skin
The sun feels great, but you’ll find that it isn’t always kind to your skin. Drink plenty of water, use plenty of sunscreen, and when in doubt, wear a wonderfully fashionable hat. Take a few moments to think about what your options are when it comes to summer dress. This is a fantastic time for you to experiment and to get wild with your own beauty choices!
[Photos Courtesy Anya Sarre]

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