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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Underwear Delivery?

Now that I've got your attention. You've heard of subscription services for beauty products, children's clothing and eco-friendly products. But now? There's a new company on the block (less than a year old) called MeUndies, an underwear subscription service that delivers via mail new underwear to members on a monthly basis. Genius idea, right?? They design and produce all product from their headquarters in Beverly Hills - and everything is top quality.

How it works? You order them one by one ($16/pair), or you can choose to have them shipped monthly on a rolling basis. What's cool is you can pause or cancel at any time, or skip a month within the first five days of the month. And, yes, it's for both men and women! 

D. and I both recently had the opportunity to sample MeUndies, and I pretty much think he's hooked. For men, you choose from briefs, boxer briefs or trunks. For women, you choose from thongs, boy shorts and briefs. Without getting all TMI on you (and call me lame), I ordered the briefs, so I can't imagine the fit of the other styles. Need. more. fabric. We'll leave it at that! Maybe I'll try the boy shorts? The plus is there are several colors to choose from with each style and they're made with super-pretty lace. It's all very chic and packaged individually in the cutest little boxes (see above). I'm thinking these are a great investment for the males in our lives who hate underwear shopping.

P.S. Confederacy Boutique in L.A., owned by uber-stylist Ilaria Urbinati (remember our Q&A with her??) and actor Danny Masterson, has a MeUndies vending machine inside the store. So hip. So genius.

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