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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Crawlings

Can't believe it's Wednesday again already, mamas! My do the days mix together when you have a sick little one. little C. doesn't get sick very often, but he's been sick for about a week now and he's finally starting to be his old, playful self again (whew). Although, that does keep me on my toes quite a bit more. 

Less than a year after we were married, D. and I moved into the home we live in now. So, this is the only home little C. has known (and I love that! I honestly loved growing up in the same home for 17 years...). While one of our fav things about it is the gorgeous hardwood floors (we do have carpet in our bedrooms), it does take a toll on those little knees of his (um, and mine) after several hours of scooting around and playing (I sort of think maybe this is why he didn't spend long in the crawl phase and was on to walking asap...forget those hard floors, mama!). Luckily, little C's playroom has carpet, but we do spend plenty of time in the living room where it's not, and that's where Crawlings comes in handy. Such a cute invention. And one not just for babies! (as you moms of active toddlers know...)

We actually had something similar when little C. was a baby, but they were more like leg warmers. These? They have actual knee pads! And they come in so many cute styles. Since little C's fav colors are blue and orange, the football pair here was a given (thanks, Crawlings, for letting us try them!). 

They're one size and feel just a cotton sock, and the cushion pad inside it is actually UV and water resistant! Crawlings are $20 a pair, and you really only need one because they're machine washable. Such a unique item, and so worth not seeing those tiny bruises on our little ones. Now, if only I could find me a pair with heels stitched on them, perhaps? 

P.S. While cute as can be, this photo is not of little C. Wink.

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