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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: New "Horsey" Shoes

My little C. He's the cutest, funniest, most adorable, stubborn little boy on Earth. Did I say stubborn? Haha. Oh, he is 2 1/2, folks. I'll cut him some slack, but it can just be sooooo irritating at the moment, and then when I look back on situations, I have to laugh. He's just showing his independence, and that's ok. So, we were sent these Ralph Lauren "Darrel" fisherman sandals (on sale now for $44.99!) - and have had them for a couple of months now. 

I brought them along to the beach - they would be great for family photos! Alas, he opted for "no shoes." And that worked just fine, but the poor lil' RL sandals stayed in the bag for the trip. At least once a week for the past two months, I've suggested "why don't we wear your new shoes?" Every time he would balk, throw a fit, you know the drill. And then one random day, his daddy asked him if he wanted to wear them to go get yogurt. Not with his fancy khakis or RL shorts or even cute jeans, mind you, but with his new gym shorts and red tee. Me oh my. And, of course, he wore them (I lose; I surrender).

Ever since that day, he's been in love with them and I kid you not. I knew if he would just try them on (that's the entire battle, folks!), he would adore them. They've got so much cushion and the straps help them stay on his feet (since he's still growing into them). And since we call all of his RL tees and shorts (no really, he could be the RL poster child) already "horsey shirts" or "horsey shorts," he loves the fact that the horsey on these shoes is hidden under his foot. Ohhhh...ahhhhh....

The high-quality leather on these sandals makes them the shoe of the closet. When I want little C. to look super cute, these are the shoes I reach for, mamas. And he'll wear these well into fall, down south. (hooray) And if he has it his way, it will be with his gym shorts - le sigh...

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