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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How I Wore My (Nude!) Heels

NUDE heels! If you don't own a pair of these, you must. I don't care if you only wear heels to your best friends' weddings, if ever there is an occasion for heels, nude ones will come in handy. Can I admit something? Until Chinese Laundry sent me this pair to try out (yes, I love this gig), I owned not a single pair of nude heels. We're talking classic pumps in the "shade" of nude. Of course, I had wedge upon wedge and some heels that were nude with a touch of this and that pattern, but nothing so simple and perfect as these. You can wear them with anything (yes, anything!), but during the summer I love wearing them with bright colors and a matching bag. Come fall, I'll pair them with black and my darker wardrobe (pretty excited). These are patent (and yours don't have to be), which makes them that much more striking. Packing them for fashion week at this very moment...

Here's how I wore my heels:
*Colorblock sheath dress by Thakoon for Target (this was one of my fav designer collabs at Target...they don't all get them right, but Thakoon sure did. I also have a polka-dot dress from the line!)
*Beaded necklace gifted by LOFT (the colors in this are to die...especially for my hair color; it's just perfect! Plus, I'm always searching for something that's a bit longer...check.)
*Nude handbag from local shop, Masons
*Nude patent leather "Whistle" pumps gifted by Chinese Laundry (besides being so pretty on the eyes, I love how comfy these are. Wore them Sunday (for the first time) for a b-day celebration and not ONE complaint. Seriously.)
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  1. Love the whole look! I have the Whistle in both nude and black! It is one of my favorite pumps!

  2. I have that dress!! I love the outfit! You look fabulous! See you at fashion week!!!!

  3. Thanks, y'all! Yes, I do love these pumps. They are the perfect color for everything. And yes, Tiff, see you then!!! xo


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