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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneak Peek: Avia Spring Collection

By Sarah Kleinhenz, Guest Blogger

There are few places in life where heels aren't accepted (gasp, I know). The gym happens to be one of them, but for good reason. So, if we can't wear our fabulous peep-toes to knock off a few pounds and get in shape, what's our next best option? Well, girlies, I'll tell you; Avia. I had the fabulous opportunity, thanks to I Heart Heels, to go check out their new Spring 2013 line and campaign. Some of you may remember Avia's from their wildly popular days of the 90's (hello, cheerleading shoes), and if you don't, well now you can see what all the fuss is about!

Avia has revamped their name as well as their shoes for their Spring 2013 line. Tim Joyce, Avia's Senior Vice President and GM said their new campaign is a "refreshing diversion from the hyper-polished and glamorized campaigns consumers are used to." This campaign introduces a new brand imagery that's raw, stark and brutally honest. Avia is getting back to the "bare bones" of exercise and giving customers the best quality for the best price and just the right amount of bells and whistles to exercise properly. With this new campaign comes a new mascot, Fury, a 10-foot-tall creature with scary fangs and claws. The thought behind this intimidating creature is that he is the "voice inside your head, urging you to push on," says Joyce. This imagery is heavily focused on the black and white, both literally and figuratively, to broadcast the message that you're either exercising or you aren't; there's no grey area. The goal is to encourage athletes to challenge themselves and to "push on."
So let's get to the shoes, shall we? Three new styles will be introduced, and all are fabulous for different reasons. For all you Cross Fit lovers out there (seriously respect you girls; that looks tough!), there is the new Maximus shoe. It features a wider toe box for a more natural stance. It's a lighter more durable shoe to take the beating of the rope climbs and weight lifting, while still giving support and comfort. (it's also great for moderate exercisers, too) 

The Mantis is more for the competitive runner. Those of you who like to get a run in every day, will love these babies! They're lightweight, have impressive mid-sole support and are super comfortable for those long runs. 
The Strike is designed for the kick boxer. They can be used for daily walking and working out, but if you get that urge to take a kickboxing class, this shoe has the support and protection to allow you to get out all your frustration (hello, missed sample sale), without ruining your shoes. 

Overall, Avia is on the right track. Getting to know what athletes want in their training or competition shoes is key. Flashy is fun, but functionality and form is even more important. With Avia, you get a well-made shoe for a great price, and with bright fun hues, it's just enough funky to keep everyone happy. 

If all this still hasn't sold you, check them out for yourself! www.avia.com

I promise they'll be worth the look and purchase. I've already got my eye on the Maximus in grey and neon yellow!! 
[Photo Credit: Sarah Kleinhenz]

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