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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Latest from DITA Eyewear

The latest from DITA has hit my inbox and you girlies are going to love it. I mean, you see it here, right?? Just when I thought I couldn't love my sunnies any more than I do, along come these babies. Major crush, crush, crush. That tortoise pair, you see it? It has my name stamped all over it. And those specs are making this girl wish she needed glasses (well, maybe not...I've never even been to the eye doctor!). If they were non-prescription though I would totally wear them (guilty). Prices range from $250-600, so guess you better love what ya love, eh?

In fashion, a "lookbook" is sent out each time there is a collection of looks to view. This lookbook is done via video - and styled by genius Monica Rose, no less. I loooove how well this was done, and it makes it so easy to pick out the pairs you love the most. Um, gimme, gimme and gimme.

Oh, and P.S. Can I tell you I was approved last week for my Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week press credentials?? Excited beyond words...squeal!!! Can't wait to cover the shows once again for you all. Stay tuned in just another month...

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