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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Invites You'll Adore

For the past couple of months, I've been in baby shower planning mode. Another one of my friends has made the big leap and is having baby boy H. in mid-October. Usually I'm the one in charge of the silly games (they don't call me "youthful one" for nothing), but this time? I decided to take on the invites. *Insert nervous pangs* I mean, these are pretty important, right? Get one detail wrong and the pregnant lady goes ballistic (been there, done that when D. decided he didn't know how to spell little C's middle name and I had to make a frantic last-minute phone call...). 

Luckily, I cast all my trust in Minnie and Emma and not a worry remained (besides invites, they also print notepads, coasters and even phone covers!). Once I turned over my info to this crew, everything was seamless. And I'm so glad because when I first saw this design, I just squealed and squealed. Blue and brown was my own theme, so I went a little bananas over this invite design. (By the way, if you click over to the baby shower invites, you'll see the "circus dots" envelope liners I chose, which turned out to be one of my fav parts of the whole thing. Such quality envelopes!!)  It's $100 for 40 cards, and well worth the cost for cuteness. Absolutely everyone complimented me on what a great job I did with them (patting myself on the back); I think I heard the word "adorable" several times. 

If you're looking to order, just fill out the form on the site and voila! Instant swoon-worthy invites. 

P.S. (and teeny disclaimer) This invite is obvi a sample and not the info we actually used. I was provided the invites from the company in exchange for this review, but in no way influences my opinion. Madly in love with these, and if they messed them up, you woulda heard about it, k? ;)

[Photo Courtesy Minnie and Emma]

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