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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Jam Session

Wanna know what we've been doing for the past month? Using our new headphones from Kidz Gear, yup. You should've seen little C's face when he saw the new headphones they sent us to test out. The same look I get if I say the word "milk" (which he loves to pieces). Absolutely adorable. 

See, at first, I thought little C. was going to tag along for my lil' New York adventure and these would be perfect for his first plane ride. Ok, fine, so mama chickened out on that one, and the little tyke won't be joining me and having his first plane ride (shrug), but we are now super excited that he can wear these headphones in the car (yes, his CDs/DVDs get so old, y'all). His fav thing to do by far though is to wear his "wired" headphones (we also have the sleek "wireless" version, but have yet to buy the transmitter...baby steps!) while he's sitting at D's computer. He watches YouTube, haha. Well, c'mon, it's a bunch of alphabet and numbers songs (in both English and Spanish...we're teaching him, and he already knows it all!).

Watching little C. wear these headphones on his little ears is the cutest stinking thing ever. (and that's not him in this photo, by the way...if my blog policy was to show his photo, I so would, but alas...) The headphones are all priced from $20-30, and they're major worth it. They're especially made for kids - so they fit very comfy, have the proper volume control and are affordable (they sell a special Apple-compatible version at the Apple store, by the way). 

So who wants to win these headphones?? I'm gonna choose TWO winners* this time (one wireless, one wired)! All you have to do is "like" Kidz Gear on Facebook and comment on the giveaway post. So simple! Trust me, you're gonna love these, so enter now and we'll choose the two random winners next Wed., Aug. 22. 

U.S. Only.

[Photo Courtesy Kidz Gear]


  1. My granddaughter would love these while
    she is traveling


  2. My daughter would love these!!! She calls headphones her earmuffs!!! Great for her iPad and portable DVD while traveling! Or just in the back of my car :)

  3. I would love to win these!

  4. My daughter would love these while listening and watching Barney! And I wouldn't have to hear it, right? ha ha


  5. My grandaughter would love these!

    Chickie brewer


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