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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Jessica Alba Looks Mama Chic in MiH

As you chic mamas know, Jessica Alba is one of my all-time fav stylish moms. This MiH dress is no different. As a mom (who cares about what she wears), we all struggle (or at least I do), to find things in our closet that are practical (aka you can actually walk, if not, chase after things in them), yet still reflect your very, own personal style. I love, love how this dress can accomplish both of those things. 

Obviously, it's a dress, so it's no pair of shorts or leggings, but as far as practical and super-chic, this dress is it for me. I could totally see myself running errands or going to the bookstore with little C. Even out to eat or the playground! While during the day (and chasing after that toddler of mine), I'd def opt for some strappy flats like these, I think wedges would transition it nicely to a casual chic nighttime meal. Um, that is, if we can find a babysitter...wink.

[Photo Courtesy MiH]

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