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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Mason Dash Disick's High Tops

Mason Dash Disick is just the cutest lil' thing I've ever seen (well besides little C., obvi...oh, and lil' cousin M., can't leave her out!). I must admit the only reason I ever turn on any of the Kardashian shows (which I rarely have time to do), is to try to get a glimpse of this tot...he's the star of the show! 

And recently, with his aunt Kim, his high-top sneakers are the star (although those sly shades are pretty rocking...haha). They're the "Fanta" from the Ash kid's collection, available online at Ash NYC or by calling 646-422-7098. Yes, they're $125, but you're not gonna find many toddler shoes cuter than these, right? I know once I stick little C. in tennis shoes (not Ash, le sigh...), he doesn't want to take them off. I'm sure itty bitty Mason lives in these as well. I mean, camel goes with everything...

P.S. Mama's got Ash NYC on the NYC agenda here in a few weeks (hello, wedge sneakers), so next month might just be little C's lucky month...stay tuned...

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  1. Ugh, could he be any more adorable?!


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