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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Potty Training Made Cute

This mama's totally squealing because we just received the most adorable lil' tighty-whities from Hank & JoJo. Just look at them - they're 100-percent organic cotton (with water-based dyes) and 100-percent swoonworthy. Agree? 

This is the gift set that comes with five pairs in a box, and you can designate girl or boy when you order (the set's $32). There's only one size (3/4) because, ahem, that's a very common size for the potty training process. Now insert all kinds of bashful faces because nope, little C. isn't trained yet. I feel so horrible about it, and thought these adorable things would lure him (is that wrong, too??), but he merely shakes his head "no" (ok, and screams it, too) if I even mention the potty word. Sorta like like when I hear the word flats...that kinda thing.

Alas, I know it will come, he's a boy, yada, yada...but sheesh. Let this all begin soon, please?? I want it over and out, and little C. wearing his stinkin' cute "silly goose" undies beneath those clothes of his. Is that too much to ask? You betcha I'm waving these in front of him at least once a week.

P.S. Did I mention I got him a potty at 18 months....bwahahaha....let the laughter begin!
[Photos Courtesy Hank & JoJo]

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