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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Sleepy Time

I'm afraid it's the last Whiny Wednesday before fashion week mayhem (ok, we've already entered that mess, but next Wed. I'll be IN it...literally...in New York!). So...let's mellow out for a moment, shall we?

I recently discovered this line, hellomellow and couldn't resist sharing it with all you mamas. I mean, we do like to pamper ourselves. There's this wonderful Pink Himalayan Body Scrub they offer that will just take you away (ya know, from all those Barney songs and Dr. Suess books stuck in your head). Our skin is important to our bodies - I know it really affects how I feel if I'm feeling good about my skin! In this "potion," Pink Himalayan sea salts actually offer detoxifying and healing qualities, and the avocado-mango butter is known for its ability to nourish and heal.

What else? You see that bottle above...yes, Sleepy Time Spray. Since little C. was born, he hasn't figured out the idea of "sleep." I use this in quotes on purpose. He's finally approaching three, and guess what? He's starting to sleep better and better. Huge le sigh here...Have I been spraying this everywhere I can? You bet I have! Haha. When I first mentioned it on Twitter, I got so many mamas saying, "let me know if it works!" Well, I can attest that the scent is amazing...so good....like a fruity, orangey scent. And little C. loooooves to have me spray it on "this" and "that." It's become a little game. (But really I just spritz his sheets and the air a little bit.) While I can't say this is what makes him sleep (that would just be a miracle, right?) because it's def hit and miss, I can say that since it's packed with baby-friendly ingredients and essential oils, it has a calming smell and doesn't hurt a thing. So...why not us it? "Zen is in" when it comes to the kiddo's bedtime.

P.S. I must insert here that little C. is trying so hard the past couple of weeks to drop his nap. Yes, omg. Getting any work done is going to be insane nowadays, but we shall work through this, right?? Actually, I don't really mind at all. Once they don't enjoy napping, it almost becomes a nuisance for all. (oh wait, he never enjoyed it...that's right!) Shrug. :)

[Photo from hellomellow]

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