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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Youthful One

This post isn't about little C.'s youth, but my own. When I found out the meaning of my name on one of those silly bookmarks way back when, it said "Julie: Youthful One." And it's so fitting. D. always jokes about how he "can't keep up with us teenagers these days." Of course, I certainly know when to "act my age," but being somewhat on the "youthful" side of things keeps life fun, I think, and I strive to have that lighthearted feeling I had back in the days of high school where I really didn't have a care in the world. If I can just hold onto that feeling, whether it's through words or bracelets, I will. 

When I saw this photo of Kelly Bensimon's teenage daughters sporting their Threads of Friendship bracelets, I had to laugh to myself. These are some of my fav bracelets, and I wear mine at least once every week. They're truly adorable for any age, but bring me back to my Girl Scout days of when I was the master "friendship bracelet maker." No, really, I used to haunt the local craft store for the perfect thread. Who woulda thought, right?

And just this week, I watched as two (much younger) girls hopped on treadmills in front of me at the gym, eagerly awaiting to open their brand-new Lucky Magazine. Le sigh...once again, my fav magazine on the planet (and happens to be one of my ad networks). Sometimes, we just can't shake that youthful trait. It's in our blood, no?

[Photo Courtesy Threads of Friendship via OK Magazine]

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