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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New York, New York

Concrete jungle where dreams of made of; there's nothing you can't do (any Jay-Z fans, yes?). Today I fly to New York...in a sense, the place where "it all started." One summer internship and I've never felt the same about any other city. New York tends to do that to you, if you've had the chance to go. Well, not just go, but live there. Become one with the noise, the bustle, the hustle and the attitude (yes, there's that). It's different from the south, that's for sure. But every time I set foot there I feel like I can be anything I wanna be. I daydream back to those mindless days when I was just 20 years old, living in a NYU dorm, not a care in the world but if I would get a byline in the magazine by the end of the summer - or score an interview with someone major. New York's all about dreams, hopes and aspiration. I'm ready to set my heels on that gritty pavement again. You're going to love all of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week coverage coming your way, so keep your eyes right here because this week, I'm truly inspired.

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