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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Chic Sneaks

I'm back, mamas! I know it's been quite awhile since Whiny Wednesdays has made an appearance, but this chic mama's been busy, busy with a lil' thing called fashion week. You know how we always say to take some time to ourselves, right? I did. I had fun and now I'm back to being an everyday stay-at-home mom...with a love for heels. Shrug.

As you know, on my trip to New York, I purchased a pair of wedge sneakers from Ash that I die over these days. They're the best pair of fall kicks a fashion-loving mom could ask for...seriously. It's no wonder celebs are gaga over them as well. See Kourtney Kardashian above? While I own the COOL sneaks, she owns the BOWIE - and I heart those just as well. While I must admit I don't watch KUWTK (unless I'm flipping and there's a Mason spotting!), I do keep up with Kourtney a bit because she had Mason less than a week before I had little C. (I believe we had the same due date, actually). So, it's fun to see what her little guy's doing...and wearing (I think he has some of the adorable Ash kid's sneaks, in fact...). Don't mama and son look so cute here? What do you think...as a mom, would you wear these sneakers?

P.S. To give you an update on little C., he's really into playing with his friends at school (little girl F., in fact, has already caught his eye, haha!). I'm about to go fall shopping for him in the 3T section and I can hardly believe it. He's over three feet tall now (insert smiley and sad faces at once). As you can imagine, he's into everything a little boy can get in to...throwing things (not always balls, mind you), running, climbing, eating like a champ (his fav? mushrooms...I know, right?) and talking my ear off. And those "bear hugs" are the best. thing. ever. little C. still knows how to make me SWOON.

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