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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Animal Print is Still Chic

Hey, everyone! Sorry I've been a little absent, but I needed to take a lil' three-day weekend to relax and recharge. We all need those once in awhile, right? The fam has been living it up at the pumpkin patch and I'm soooo glad it's fall! The sun is still shining pretty hard down south, but the air is starting to chill a bit and I'm loving those lattes in the a.m. What else? I'm loving fall shoes!

When I returned from my tech vacay I, of course, had millions of emails, but I didn't mind one bit when I stumbled upon the one that included these beauties by Isolá Coralia. I love animal print, but it has to be done tastefully. Since this print is done in a dark background and print, I'm totally swooning. This is a tasteful leopard print, folks! My feet rejoice. (although if you do prefer the leopard in brown, there is that option as well...no judging here at all) Or...it comes in solid black leather and an edgy printed metallic leather. Wouldn't that be wildly chic?

Let's discuss where to wear these. Parties...holiday get-togethers...the mailbox. If I owned these, I no doubt, wouldn't wanna take them off. In fact, I'm thinking they would be perfect with the new black pencil skirt in my closet. Instant BFFs.

P.S. Never fear. The newest installment of how I wore my own heels is coming later this week...forgive me for the delay! Air kisses...xo
[Photos Courtesy Isola Coralia]

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