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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How I Wore My Heels: Family Photos

Hey, hey, everyone! How's it going? I'm feeling great this week knowing that we got our annual family photos out of the way - whhhhew. Don't get me wrong, I love family activities that bring us together, but this activity is one that I'd rather just do and get over with quickly, if you know what I mean! And this year since I decided to embark upon being the photographer myself (yes, you read that correctly), I was extra stressed (oh, and did I mention little C. got a scratch on his cheek, so we had to postpone a day? le sigh...). Thankfully, D. was a huge help in distracting the kiddo with toys - and the playground was nearby for fun afterwards. Not to mention, I think I actually captured some decent shots...wearing these heels, no less! You should've seen me crawling around on the ground in these...very comical.

I must admit I threw this faux fur on after the fact, and now I'm wishing I had included it. I love this vest to pieces and can't wait for it to actually get colder so I don't sweat to death in it. :) I wasn't sure about the bulk of it for photos...sometimes that leads to trouble. So I opted for the rust shirt alone, which was fine as well. Such a great fall color, no? And the boots are like second skin to me because they've been in my closet for about five years. They're the quintessential fall boot, and I couldn't get by without them. (Might I mention it's the second time they've made an appearance in the family photo...such superstars.)

Here's how I wore my heels:
 * Rust blouse by Blu Pepper from Savoir-Faire (this could also be worn as a dress with tights given the right occasion...it's borderline short that way, so I opted to stay classy. Wink.)
* Faux wolf vest by Yoana Baraschi (when I found this on the sale rack earlier this year, my jaw dropped...who wouldn't wanna own this delightful number. obsessed.)
* Brown 811 mid-rise skinny jeans gifted by J Brand (I scored these at one of the LuckyFABB conferences. They're my normal size, but were initially very tight. Either I've broken them in or lost weight since I usually size up in J Brand...we'll go with the latter!)
* Emerald green Valentina shoulder bag gifted by Botkier (perfect size. perfect color. although never met a Botkier I didn't like!)
* Suede Zip-up boots by Nine West (from my visit years ago to Michigan Avenue in Chicago. While waiting for the pouring rain to stop, I shopped for boots, duh.)
* Chevon necklace from Savoir-Faire (my new fav necklace)

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