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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is Bobbi Brown BB Cream Worth It?

Get ready for a round-up of foundation reviews, folks, because I've got them on rotation like the tunes on my iPod. For some reason, I've been dying to try out different ones (you know I normally wear Bare Escentuals powder formula, and last week I tried the L'Oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream). Well, add another BB Cream to the list (yes, these creams are genius, might I add) because I've been steadily using this Bobbi Brown BB Cream for a couple of months now. LOVE it so much. Now, I'm not gonna pick a winner in the BB category or anything like that - they each have their own "it" things. But, I'm here to tell you what I truly heart about them. 

While I think most BB Creams are generally made to accomplish the same things (even skin tone/imperfections; moisturize; brighten; reduce wrinkles; act as an SPF), this particular formula does an exceptional job...and it just gets better the longer you wear it. Of course, you do pay more at $42, but, hey, it's Bobbi Brown. And if you've ever used her products you def know why you pay more. They're ahhhhmazing. 

This formula has a great SPF (35) of which this fair skin gal loves...because I guiltily admit that if it's not built into my face products, I don't slather extra on like I should (thankfully most every product I use these days has a built-in SPF). As with most BB Creams, you don't need much at all to get plenty of coverage, so just a dab will do. And since I'm not used to cream formulas, I usually find myself using a bit of powder on top to reduce the shine of my oily-prone skin. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream comes in five shades (which I love...options are great! but too many and I'm confused...). I went with "light" and I actually think I could stand to go up to "fair," (so I would say err on the darker side, if you can) but that could be because I'm using the extra step of powder atop it. Idk.

One thing I do know is this cream can be a true lifesaver in the mornings. I use it the three days a week I tote little C. to "school" in the mornings and just before the gym since it's pretty lightweight. It's a dream! 

[Photo Courtesy Bobbi Brown]

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