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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jessica Alba in Goldsign Lace (Coated!) Skinnies

In my chic past, I never liked to wear jeans. They weren't comfy to me, but more than that, I could never find any that made me feel cute. You know that feeling, right? If you don't feel cute, you might as well change. For me, how I feel is ultimately the most important thing about what I put on my body.

I'm sooooo happy all of the denim companies these days are getting on board with trendy, fun-loving jeans - that we can all be genuinely happy to wear (I mean, I squeal when I wear some of mine.). Granted, with the printed denim trend making the scene, I have seen lots of crazy things I wouldn't dare wear (a polite, no thank you), but Goldsign? Yes, yes and yes!

I've been dying to try coated jeans for awhile, and the "Lure" skinnies ($221.99...they're more because they're coated...) are both coated and mimic a lace pattern. The hue I love is called Bayberry, but it's out of stock (because they're on sale...and hello, Jessica Alba wore them!). But, I do love the Port hue that's available very much so. In fact, it's one of fall's hottest color trends and would pair so great with all of that chic black you already have in your closet. Just add boots and voila! Now if I can get my pigtails to come out just as perfect as shown on the tiny gal above...

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