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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Katherine, Queen of the Riding Boots

While I'm pretty sure I'll never own this particular riding boot (it does have an $895 price tag...shrug), it never hurts to stare, right? Since I'm a believer in heels, I believe every girl should have LOTS of them in her closet. But, another staple should be a solid pair of riding boots like "Katherine" from Steven Dann. They're pretty much riding boot perfection...the tiny little lock makes me swoon.

Top reasons I look forward to fall? (1) cool air, (2) capes (3) pumpkin everything and (4) riding boots. I mean, I could honestly live in a pair all freaking fall (maybe the $895 would be invested wisely then...I'm talking this over in my head...one sec...). And even if you have riding boots - there's always room to vary it up. If you only own suede, you must try out leather. Only black in the closet? Well, ya gotta have brown, too...in suede...and leather...some with a low heel, some with a major heel. Oh, the options. I'm slowly collecting them all and since I don't have chocolate brown in a low heel...ok, ok...I think I'm talking myself into this one! 

P.S. One tip with riding boots? Make sure if you're not trying them on you get the circumference - that will tell you how wide they are on the calf. Mine are wide, so this is major important for me. I just sent back a lonely pair of boots, actually because they wouldn't zip. Pesky calves - I loathe you.

[Photo Courtesy Steven Dann]

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