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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lauren Conrad in Leather Johanna Johnson Dress

Happy Monday! I hope all of my East Coast lovelies are staying safe right now...my thoughts are with you as the bad weather moves in. Maybe everyone is staying in today reading I Heart Heels?? Wishful thinking! But those of you who are...this morning's lesson is on leather. Look here!

Lauren Conrad wore a Johanna Johnson black leather cocktail dress last week to sign her new book Starstruck in Santa Monica. (and sparkly Christian Louboutin heels!) Leather's def hot this fall/winter...in fact, I finally broke down and bought a pair of faux leather pants by Free People a few months ago and wore them to fashion week. Gasp! I would've never thought I would set foot in something of the sort (alas, my college friend wore them back in the day and ruined it for me...let's just say not a very classy look). But (newsflash) you can be classy in leather! Just look at LC. Her styling is proof you can be very bad girl esque if you go with simple. No fussy jewelry, an effortless ponytail and a nice pair of heels (glitzy's ok, but nothing more!). 

And real leather, of course, is always better, but if you do go faux (as obvi it's more affordable) make sure you spend a decent amount on quality. Don't go cheap because it's cheap...it will certainly show! There are other color options out there, but I rec we all stick with black. I mean you're already wearing...leather

P.S. Leather is a heavier material, so isn't necessarily the most flattering on all body types (just as velvet isn't always kind). I def rec trying the piece on before purchasing - and taking some phone shots in the mirror (I always do this) to see what you look like in it! There's nothing more telling than a good ol' photo. :)

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