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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loeffler Randall Editor Bag

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Pure luxury and refinement is how I think Loeffler Randall is describing this Editor Bag, and rightly so. This bag just rubs me the right way. Ya know? (I mean, I am technically an editor.) Used to be I wanted the biggest, bulkiest bag around, but I'm shaking my head at that now. Give me sleek and chic any day! All of the "unnecessaries" just have to wait (or go in the diaper bag, ha). 

This particular beauty is chamois water snake, but it also comes in red water snake (if you so dare!), black croc embossed leather (yummmmmy) and smoke stingray embossed leather. A shoulder bag or a clutch, with built-in compartments, this bag can be your everything. For the price of $595. Now, on to the funding...(dropping a few dollars in the "bag fund" now...shoe fund's drained.) 
 [Photos Courtesy Loeffler Randall]

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