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Friday, October 5, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Angel Sanchez

By Paige Burkham, Fashion Week Correspondent

Venezualan designer Angel Sanchez stayed true to what he knows by offering a collection that was established by bright colors and architectural silhouettes. Bold geometric shapes, in particular, seemed to be the muse that AS used to define the dresses for his spring/ summer 2013 season. From the magenta sculpture that hung above the models to the brooches that seemed to literally pop off of clothing because of their 3D nature, sculptor Rafeal Barrios' influence was evident. 

Photobucket I found that AS used traditionally feminine elements and added his geometric aesthetic to turn these pieces into a wholly different look. For example, the distinctive layers of laser cutouts added visual interest and texture to areas that would otherwise look like a more delicate ruffle. He also incorporated color blocking, but when fitting it into his uniquely geometric aesthetic, these shapes of color looked less like primary blocks and more like sophisticated parallelograms. Overall, this was a collection that convinced me that I need to be prepared to add some "edge" to my wardrobe this spring.

Photobucket [Photo Credit: Paige Burkham]

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