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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Christina Applegate Partners with FabKids.com

If you heart Christina Applegate like I do, you'll love this lil' Q&A with her! Star of NBC's Up All Night and new mom to daughter Sadie, who turns two in January, Christina has recently joined forces with the new membership-based girl's shopping site, FabKids.com. It caters to busy moms (all of us, right?!) because you can order an entire outfit for under $50 a month and get something so super-chic, and possibly chosen by CA herself! She's been choosing her own favorites by picking out her favorite clothing and ways to style. And I love every bit of it, personally! So, if you have a daughter (unlike moi), you should def check out this site. And read below to see what Christina has to say about dressing her own little tyke. ;)

I Heart Heels: What are some of your favorite things to dress Sadie in right now?
Christina Applegate: FabKids has jeggings that look like jeans but are made with a super-soft stretchy fabric. So they’re really comfortable and Sadie is more than happy to keep them on all day. Of course, I also appreciate the extra detail – the back pockets and denim-like stitching. Sadie loves the FabKids Shining Star Leggings and Boho Twirl knit skirt. She's been known to dance around our kitchen in them!
IHH: I love how this site makes it so quick to find things for a busy mom (as you are). When do you find yourself shopping for Sadie most of the time, and how often do you do it?
CA: Let’s face it, moms are busy. It’s not easy to find time to go to the grocery store, let alone shop for clothes! Online shopping makes that a lot easier. I love the convenience factor of FabKids – you just take the free style quiz and get an adorable new outfit delivered to your daughter each month in just one click! It’s a huge time saver for busy moms like me. And right now, you get your first outfit for just $25 with the code FIRST25; it’s an amazing deal.

IHH: Why did you decide to get involved with FabKids?
CA: I had a very, very full and busy life before FabKids – and certainly wasn’t looking for another job! But when I met the team, learned more about the concept and the brand philosophy, I was really excited. I love everything the brand stands for – especially the strongly held beliefs on how to empower our daughters with what they wear and giving them the freedom to express themselves at a young age. I knew FabKids was something I wanted to be a part of.

IHH: How do you go about choosing "your picks" each month?
CA: I have so many favorites! In general, I love that all of our designs are fresh and adorable, but also age appropriate. Plus all of the pieces are interchangeable, which makes things very easy for mom. For our Back-to-School Collection, my picks include the Mini Popstar Outfit, which comes with a super-cute Striped Dolman Graphic Tee, Denim Mini Skirt, and Footless Tight (which is hard to beat at $39.95, including shipping). I also love the Star Ruffle Top – it’s adorable and so easy to get on and off since it has the zipper in the back.

[Top Photo Credit: Andrew MacPherson; All Other Product Photos Courtesy FabKids.com]

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  1. What a great idea! Christina is a clever mom!


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