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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Get Suri Cruise's Look

Obviously this is geared towards mamas with school-aged girlies (but hey, this mamas sorta wouldn't mind rocking some of these items herself...I have been known to sport fuzzy, pink socks in cold weather...bashful face). Suri Cruise is always looking so cute-as-a-button as her mom Katie Holmes drops her off at school, and her latest particular get-up is so easy to recreate. In fact, you can get it all from Land's End (which is affordable, so we love, right?).

Component #1: The Backpack
This is the Kids’ Plaid ClassMate EZ Wipe Lunch Box and it's only $25. Plaid is so chic right now.
Component #2: The Pink Coat
The Girls' Squall Waterproof Coat for $79 makes any dull outfit completely amazing - not to mention, it's pretty much necessary in New York's climate.

Component #3: The Preppy Skort
The Girl’s Short Chino Skort for $25 is a private school must. No, really.

Component #4: The Polo Shirt
For just $20, it's the School Uniform Girls' Long Sleeve Feminine Fit Mesh Polo Shirt. Got that? She needs it. Comes in white or pink, obvi.

Component #5: (Pink) Tights
For $14.50, your little one will get plenty of use out of these School Uniform Girls' Pattern Tights. Suri's not wearing any in this particular photo above, but you better believe it's on her chic agenda. Wink.

[Product Photos Courtesy Land's End]

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