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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Win a Rebecca Minkoff + Bravado Nursing Tank

Another Wednesday has arrived! Can you believe it? Time flies when you're busy with little ones. ;) I must admit my brain is spinning because we've visited the first preschool on the list of many for little C. We're not sure if we're sending him next year or even the year after, but remember I'm a Virgo and super, duper organized. Shrug. So, I'm pretty excited right now because the first one we saw was amazing! Now if I can just hold back the tears on how big he's getting (sob). 

So, now to share with you a collab I'm completely *squealing* over as of late...Rebecca Minkoff and Bravado Designs. If you remember, I was a big fan of this nursing tank "back in the day" (it seems so long ago, but was only a couple of years, eek!). Bravado's nursing tanks really are amazing (and cute) - and now they're even chicer. How bad do I want one of these and I'm not pregnant or nursing?!

For this edition of the tank, Bravado teamed up with RM to design two color combos - Indy in black and white, and Luca (also the name of RM's adorable son!) in this gorgeous royal blue and black. The entire collab is in support of Jessica Seinfeld's Baby Buggy organization, which provides needy families across the country with essentials. 20 percent of Limited Edition Rebecca Minkoff tank sales will be donated to Baby Buggy, additionally for every tank purchased, Bravado will also donate a nursing bra to a mother in need. 

What I loved about this tank was the comfy cotton and hidden clips...it seriously doesn't look like a so-called nursing tank at all. It supports up to a G cup and it's longer in length (major plus). 

Today we're giving one away (retail value= $39) at random, so enter your info in the box below and cross your lucky peep-toes (assuming you're back in them already...)! xo

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[Photo via Bravado Designs]


  1. Love the color blocking very pretty tank!

  2. I have one essentials nursing tank and I love it, the color blocking is cute on this one :)

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  3. Love this tank. I have their essentials tanks and love them. Would love to try this one out.

  4. This is the perfect nursing tank top! I will be wearing this tank top even after I'm done nursing. The build in bra is actually a bra, not just an extra flap of fabric like so many other "bra-tops." I've gotten so many compliments on this tank. It covers my not-so-perfect tummy well. The quality of the stitching and materials used are top notch. It's sooooo comfortable.


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