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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Win a Pair of Daniel Green Slippers!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm learning to embrace slippers this fall. Shhhhhhh...Hey, they're not labeling them "smoking slippers" for nothing! The styles I've gotten my hands on as of late - like these by Daniel Green - are incredible because they're not only comfy (duh), but they're just as chic as a pair of ballet slippers. Just another great alternative, and we like to have those in our ever-expanding wardrobe! Have you ever taken off a pair of heels and said ouch? Oh, you have?! :) Well, these are just the ticket to heaven. 

I chose the Kira style above ($48) in purple because I think purple's an amazing hue for fall. I already live in my purple jeans I got this summer, and found these to be a great alternative to the everyday brown and black versions (although those are staples). And, natch, I couldn't resist the cutesy cheetah-print lining. These slippers are made to be worn inside or out (surprisingly, I've been wearing mine outside a lot...in fact, I just wore them to little C's preschool preview). They look great with boyfriend jeans! The suede is so soft - and I love the tassel detail as well (another huge trend right now...Rachel Zoe was wearing a huge tassel necklace all over fashion week!). 

Hey, since I'm so nice this week and think I've run a giveaway just about every day (!), wanna win a pair of these?! You choose the color! To enter, just leave your info in the box below and we'll draw one winner at random next week. 

P.S. See you Monday, friends...in case you haven't heard I'll be attending the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tonight (eek!), so prooooob won't be posting tomorrow/throughout the weekend. Keep things chic! xo

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[Photo from DanielGreen.com]


  1. I would either choose the RED or the tan! LOVE them!


  2. I would wear the tan


  3. I would definitely choose the purple! I was just thinking I needed slippers this weekend...


  4. I would choose the tobacco color if I win. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. oooh - Tobacco! Thanks for the chance....

  6. I would also choose the Tobacco like a few others have. Thanks for having so many giveaways this week and have fun at the RHCP concert!! Thats so cool!

    Teri C.

  7. Purple looks pretty perfect to me! ;)


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