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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Diane Kruger Hearts Her Barbara Bui Bag

Diane Kruger is serious about her Barbara Bui "Dude" bowling bag...um, and so are we? H to the hello. I don't usually go for bags I have to carry around on my arm, buuuuut (and this is a very large one), I could get used to this one. Its black leather charm, says look at me and all my chicness. You just know it's a great bag by the structure. No over-the-top details, give it to me straight. Oh, and it doesn't look like every other bag in your closet. Can I get a yes to that? 

P.S. Let's wear this bag with jeans to dress them up a bit...but it's totally approp to wear with your fancies. Although, it's strictly a day bag. And, oh, would I ever carry it allllll day long. As I like to say...to the mailbox.

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