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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall's It Boot: Stuart Weitzman 50/50

Happy Election Day, everyone! If you haven't already, I hope you decide to exercise your right to VOTE today. It's soooo, soooo important, y'all. My dad was an American government teacher, so he always taught me how important it is to head to the polls on this day and voice your opinion...not matter what that may be. We're so amazingly lucky in our country, so just take that one hour out of your day today to do it? ;) Now on to shoes...shall we?

Stuart Weitzman is hands-down one of my fav shoe brands - the luxury is unmistakable. SW does not mess around. Right now I'm enjoying the heck outta my new croc booties, but before I tried those on, I was dying for a pair of new riding boots. These are the 50/50 and I mean, aren't they stunning? I'm pretty sure every celebrity on the planet has a pair...Olivia Palermo and Bethenny Frankel were most recently spotted in their 50/50 boots. (and I believe Angelina...no last name needed...has a pair.)

I've always had a large calf problem (stupid genes!), so hardly any riding boots will fit me. Therefore, I didn't even try to rock these over-the-knee stunners, but I'm here to say if your calves aren't monstrous like mine, you should. Such buttery-soft leather (in brown or black) and the perfect fall accessory - in addition to all those heels in your closet. In the latest boot poll, I vote for these.

[Photo Courtesy Stuart Weitzman]

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