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Friday, November 16, 2012

Heart Obsession (Plus, Giveaway!)

Happy Friday, chicsters! Look what I've got for you today. We heart so many things around here, I thought it would be major approp to give away hearts (diamond hearts) just before next week's holiday. I mean, after all, one thing I'm head over heels for is YOU. 

Lately, I've been way too obsessed with stud earrings (ok, there's no such thing as way too obsessed when it comes to jewelry, so nevermind); I've added quite the collection to my jewelry box. I must admit with the addition of these diamond and sterling silver studs ($149) in a heart shape (swoon), courtesy of My Diamond Obsession, my jewelry box looks much more charming (side note: if you're obsessed with diamonds like most of us, this site is amazing! free shipping, a 30-day return promise and completely trustworthy...I know the owners - wink.). These babies are so shiny and the two round diamonds in each earring really complete the look (I must admit this isn't quite my first pair of heart earrings...blush). But, it is my first set with diamonds and now I'm over the moon. The holidays are so much about glitz and glam, that I can't wait to wear these to our Thanksgiving feast next week. Obvi these are something I'm definitely thankful for as of late. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so yesterday; flaunt it on your ears. ;)

Wanna win your own set? (Of course, you do!) Enter your info in the box below and we'll choose one winner at random next week. 

[Photo via My Diamond Obsession]
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  1. They are beautiful. I love wearing classic silver jewelry.

  2. I would LOVE to win these, cause just like you I am obsessed with studs and all things hearts (and I am lusting over these ones)!! Plus my birthday is this weekend, and nothing beats a gift after your birthday to keep the love going!


  3. They are so cute and would be a perfect Birthday gift for me :)

  4. My daughter would absolutely love these...such a great Xmas present (since we're broke and I don't know how I'll shop for her)!

  5. I would love to win them so I can offer them to my best friend as a gift for her upcoming birthday. She deserves such a pretty gift (she is hard-working and selfless) and I, for one, could not afford purchasing them for her.

    1. Forgot to mention my Rafflecopter name: CatalinaK.

  6. I would love to give these to my niece..she just had her ears pierced...this are so cute!

  7. I am allergic to gold, so these silver earrings would be PERFECT for me!

    Beth M.

  8. Even tho I love them & would really love wearing them, I would like to win them to give to my DIL - she's had a horrible year, & deserves something FABulous!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance....

  9. These-are-too-cute!!! Loving them!!

  10. I too have become obsessed with stud earrings and love heart shaped anything, so I would love to have these added to my collection!

  11. I've always been obsessed with stud earrings! I absolutely loveee the heart earrings with the stone!! totally adorable and totally me!
    Teri C. <3


  12. These heart earrings are so appropriate
    for your blog iheartheels to be giving
    away. We heart you for this opportunity.


  13. These are too precious! I'd love to win them!

  14. I want to win these because I too have an OBSESSION with stud earrings and have been looking for a "heart" shaped pair to love and wear!


  15. I want to win these for my holiday outfits!
    hope i win xx

  16. I want to win these for my mom. She's had an incredibly hard year and I'd just like to be able to give her these to make her smile!

    Julie . Luhtala @ gmail . Com

  17. They would be great for a Christmas gift for a lady on my list!

  18. If I won these, I would give them to my husband to give to me for Christmas. He lost his job last week, and he is stressing about what we are going to do about Christmas (and our mortgage). He is so stubborn about Christmas - I told him not to get me anything... but he won't listen. :\ This would definitely help him feel less worried about Christmas, for sure.

  19. I love silver! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    neonkatt007 (at ) a o l { dot} c om


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