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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-Order Your Favorite Accessories


Wow! I found an amazing accessories site that's both very exclusive and well-edited - Bonfaire. It sells from top designers like Ted Rossi and NOir (which I love, by the way) and allows you to pre-order everything before it's sold out when everyone else sees it. (Which it no doubt, will be.) There are also pieces you can't even find anywhere else in the country, except on Bonfaire. 

Luxury shoes, handbags and accessories - all so very unique. Besides the heels (which I obvi love to pieces), I'm such a bracelet girl, so I'm having major fits over these two shown here. Oh my gahhhh. Studs and chain links are pretty much a jewelry box necessity at the moment! 

Neon green is a great touch to an edgy bag, and the heels? You heard me say unique! Chunky platforms with both buckles and sparkle - fringe ankle straps. Need I say more? If you wanna be the standout fashion chick on the block, just go straight to Bonfaire and you'll find something right away.

Hope you all have an amazingly chic weekend full of shopping...air kisses! xo
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[Photos Courtesy Bonfaire]

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