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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pumps with an Edge


If you're just joining me, I love shoes. Got that? By now I've seen so many heels pop up in my inbox, it takes a special kinda something to make me truly squeal. These? Oh, I squealed a thousand times! I'm happy to recently discover the brand, Grey City. WOW. Some of their styles are a bit edgy for me, but I love this McKay in black and white (it also comes in solid black...but I'm shaking my head there). It fits the flashy, yet classy mold to a tee. I wanna walk in shoes with just the right amount of edge, folks! 

So many brands are going with the curved heel now, and I must admit I don't own one...yet. It sorta makes the shoe artwork - a piece of architecture, yes? It's intriguing to the eye, just like this black and white pattern. The large platform on these makes the extra-high heel manageable (hey, it's ok to cheat) and all the more pleasing to the eye with that pattern. These shoes just made my sad little LBD ecstatic.

[Photo Courtesy Grey City]

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