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Friday, November 30, 2012

Total Chicness for Your Head

Dear Santa, all I really want for Christmas is a box full of winter headwear. Fancy earmuffs have been on my mind for MONTHS, and especially since I tried on that purple beret from France the other day and it did my hair no justice. I can't. Plan B? Fuzzy, faux fur fabulous earmuffs like these from Hat Attack. At $46, they're well worth the spend on keeping my hair intact. Besides, it doesn't get very cold down south...these should do the trick. Winter wedges and earmuffs? Oh, I can't wait. 

Buuuuuut, if you need more coverage...look no farther. I found these cuties that just make me squeal - what do you think? The only way I might put aside the earmuffs is for this adorable slouchy pom pom hat ($55). It makes me all giddy inside and out! I mean, part of dressing up is to have fun, right? This would look so pretty with black, too. I go crazy over contrast!

Then there's the popcorn slouchy beanie ($48) that I adore. I would diiiiie to look good in this (they're so in style right now), but I think it's reserved for those with (much) less hair than moi. Or maybe someone who looks great without bangs (not me either) since beanies tend to pull everything away from the face. Guaranteed there's a hat for every one of our heads that turns us into a winter princess, it's just a matter of finding the right one. 

Which style would you wear - earmuffs, pom pom or beanie??
[Photos Courtesy Hat Attack]

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