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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Cutest of the Pack

I'm a little irate at the UPS man as I write this (rrrrrr...I mean, why do people have to push so many of my buttons?), so I'll try not to let this frustration come through in this post. Because really and truly I'm bananas in love with Tea Collection - and have always been. It's one of those kid's brands I know I can count on for amazing quality, and majorly cute stuff. Yes, even for boys. (this is a a big deal, right?)

Since I don't have a girl, I have to use my imagination in dressing little C. in the cutest way possible while still letting him be the rough-and-tumble little boy that he is. Make sense? He doesn't often get excited about much (eh, it's a t-shirt, mom, move on with it...), but this Dog Sled tee sent from Tea? He was generally excited to wear it. Everyone just raved about it at "school" (aka Mother's Day Out) and I do believe he was the cutest in the pack. :) I love how the brand was creative in the photo here and layered a hoodie underneath it. I might try this one daring day.
Tea also sent over the Ski Stripe Polo ($36), which is now a fall/winter staple. He hardly wears anything with a button, but this shirt? He loves. It really is soft and it's just so sharp-looking on. I actually paired his with a pair of bright blue cords from babyGap and it looked adorable. I'm thinking his little girlfriend F. loved it, too. :) Now, to get the puffy blue Patagonia for that extra layer. Man, that would just be too much! This outfit here is one amazing look. Don't you think? Boys will be boys - but they can't always be as cute as this!

P.S. While cute, the boys shown here are not little C. Duh. ;)

[Photos Courtesy Tea Collection]

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  1. OMG - I sooo want to get one of these shirts for my Grandson - the dogs look JUST like our Siberian Husky Natasha!!! So stinkin' cute!


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