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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Let It Snow

So what does everyone think about the election results? :) Ok, we won't broach that topic in today's Whiny Wednesday as I'm sure it's a sore subject for some, so let's go ahead and talk about how much I love Le Top. Once again, they're my holiday go-to outfit for little C. He wears something provided from them just about every year (ok, every year) because he never ceases to adore it (his mama does, too). 

This year? Lifesaver. I mean, the first couple of years he wore some pretty cutesy things and I had fun dressing him in them...especially that adorable hat when he was one. Nowadays, it's like pulling teeth getting dressed every. single. morning. How do I say this without tears, hmmm...my child won't wear jeans. Ok, there, I said it. Yes, the raglan cotton and french terry nature of this attire had him at hello. Last week, I was a wreck because I couldn't get him in any of his pants without a tantrum. After literally throwing on this outfit yesterday morning with absolutely no tears at all...not one peep...I'm convinced I might just buy out the entire Le Top holiday collection - or at least all of their french terry pants, please. 

Let's face it. My little C. wants to be comfortable, and I can't blame him. He's climbing everywhere, sliding up a storm and running as fast as he can...everywhere. I want him to be comfortable, and this outfit puts me at ease knowing he can still be cute and comfortable at the same time. I know, the fuzzy fleece snowman had me at hello. Now I'm all ready to build a snowman with my little guy (fingers crossed it snows at least once down south this year!).

P.S. This outfit is $49 and does run very true to size...little C's a 3T all the way (and the length was actually great on the pants, too!). Oh, and as always, that's not little C. above. ;)

[Photo via Le Top]

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  1. Too cute, my blog post is titled the same, hadn't read yours yet - anywho, what a cute outfit for a cutie patootie!


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