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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Strike a Pose

I couldn't be MORE excited to share with you the newest platform where you can follow I Heart Heels - it's called Pose. And although we just joined last week (lemme brag for juuuuust a second), we're already nearing 10k followers....squeal! I'm completely and wholeheartedly loving this Pose thing. You can either download "Pose" on your phone as an app, or you can just visit online at pose.com and follow along at "iheartheelsblog" for my latest looks. (Yeah, someone's gonna have to take my phone away from me because I can't stop...won't stop...posing!)

More exciting news? Pose got a lil' facelift (no judging, girls) and just launched all-new features today, so you're really getting the good stuff! See the photo of my pose above? In addition to "loving" someone's pose by pressing the heart, commenting on how much you like it, and sharing, here's what's up these days:
  • SAVE your poses to collections on iPhone
  • DOUBLE TAP to love (easier!!)
  • Visit your blog or other websites via your share message as links are now CLICKABLE (this makes me so happy!)
  • LOVE and SHARE your collections from any Pose platform
  • Watch your VIDEO poses or SHOP your poses directly the 'video' and 'shop' feeds
  • See poses from only people that you follow in your STREAM (no more clutter!) 
And what would the launch be without a fun contest, right? Pose is giving away $1,000...just save my pose to win!
Today I'll be sharing a new pose with the tag #SaveToWin in the message - all you have to do to enter is save that pose in one of your collections to win. Pose will announce the winners just after the new year, so be sure to enter!! I have a feeling you're going to love Pose as much as I do...xoxo
P.S. I don't think I ever thanked you for your amazing votes last week in the Send the Trend contest, so THANK YOU!!! Out of seven bloggers, I don't think placing a close 3rd was that shabby. Def couldn't have done it without ya. ;)  

Pose on the Web

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I just installed the app and am excited to try this :)


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