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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Birthday Bash at The Little Gym

Couldn't have found a more perfect tee at babyGap, right?
I can hardly believe my little C. is three years old now...EEK. Last weekend, we had his birthday party at The Little Gym and, boy, was it a hit. Since I've always stayed at home with little C., I've taken him to the parent/child classes. He especially loved them from the age of one to two - it was always great for him to run around with the other little ones his age and for me to get to hang out with other moms. (Keep in mind, this was also before we put him in any kind of Mother's Day Out, so it was much needed for both of us!) It's very convenient for us in town, and since we hadn't been in quite some time, I just knew he would love it (and I would love not having to decorate and clean up!).

It really was a perfect party - and really the first one where he had some "friends" there. Several of his fav neighbor pals came by, a couple of my friends' kids and, of course, my niece, little M. They were all between the ages of nearly two and three, so they played really well together. I couldn't believe how much little C. took to everything - from the *big* balance beam and mountains of tumbling cushions (he climbed right to the top!) to the bars - his absolute fav (gymnast, perhaps?). Of course, the gym pumped up the huge inflatable bouncy toy and the fun really began. Those kids were adorable, and I believe the parents had just as much fun bouncing around, and then letting the air out at the end. Next came all of the balls and bubbles and I'm pretty such everyone thoroughly enjoyed throwing and kicking those around...it's alllllways been a fav of little C's. They also brought out the colorful parachute (remember those?) and little C. even got to sit in the middle at the end with his fav green ball while we sang happy birthday - such a ham! 

When playtime was over, the kids got to eat chocolate cake (which we provided) and watch little C. open his presents...well, most of them anyway. I think we ended up finishing at home, but oh well! Those attention spans are just not fully developed yet and they certainly did fall in love with that beanbag toss mama found at The Land of Nod. ;) 

We provided bouncy balls of their own wrapped in colorful tissue paper that said "hope you had a ball at my party!", but in all of the chaos I completely forgot to take a photo of them. Oops. After about an hour and a half, I'm pretty sure all of the kids went home very happy after such an organized and FUN party. I know we had a great time!

If you're looking to book your next party at The Little Gym (and I do rec you book early because I noticed they book quickly!), here are some deets on what you get for $200 ($175 for The Little Gym members):
  • TLG Invitations (addressed, stamped and mailed for you!)
  • A qualified birthday leader plus an assistant
  • All the set-up and clean-up (one of the best parts!)
  • All the paper goods (plates, forks, cups, napkins)
  • Drinks for each child in the party room (we had pink lemonade)
  • A The Little Gym T-shirt for the Birthday Child
  • A gift registry (if you open your presents while you're with us) (they wrote everything down for us!)
Disclaimer: While The Little Gym was able to comp our party, all opinions in this post and about this party are strictly my own, as usual. Such a great day!

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  1. OMG - how fun!!! You're sooo lucky to have been able to have such a great party for "Little C"! My Grandkids would be in 7th Heaven if we were able to have one of their B-Day parties @ The Little Gym!!!


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