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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Family Christmas Cards

Once again, I'm so in love with our family Christmas cards - swoon. I've always been way obsessed with paper products. Get me near stationary and WATCH OUT. One of my fav gifts, in fact, used to be when my sister would get me my own personalized notepads with cutesy pictures on the pages with my name on it. Personalization is just so much fun, right?

Well, just when I think I can't outdo myself, I do. But, wait, it's not all me. It's Tiny Prints! They come to my rescue every, single season and take all the stress out of the holidays for me. I've been reading lots of tweets from people on Twitter lately discussing their holiday cards and how they've been lost or printed incorrectly - and I really do feel sorry for them. Tiny Prints has not one time let me down, so there's no reason for me to ever use anything else. As you know, I always use little C. for the card's photo (no thank you, I'm not putting my mug on them!), and this year's photo was once again taken by yours truly. And while it's the most angelic photo ever (he gets it from his mama), I realllllly wish I could show you, but I still have the anonymous little C. policy...shrug. 

With these cards (they're called "Simply Said," designed by Hello Little One), you can choose square or rounded (I chose rounded for just a little extra), and there are three color options. Since I took little C's photo in front of our Christmas tree (and because of his hair color), I chose this chartreuse hue and it turned out lovely, almost like a painting. Plus, aren't the stripes on the back a nice touch?

And...if you're crazy busy (ok, or just lazy), you should def opt for the matching address labels. They're a lifesaver and super cute. And they make GREAT stocking stuffers! Dear Santa... 

P.S. little C.'s having a BIRTHDAY PARTY soon...and I can't wait to share with you all the deets. Here's hoping the little guy starts to feel better soon, as right now he's kind of a party pooper. :(

Disclaimer: While Tiny Prints provided my invites free of cost in exchange for this review, it by no means changes my opinion. It's still my own. ;)
[Photos Courtesy Tiny Prints]

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