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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How I Wore My Heels: Mix and Match

I don't consider myself great at really putting things together. Some people have an amazing knack for putting together these amazing outfits that look like each piece was meant for one another, but really they've been carefully chosen from several different stores, genres, brands, etc. I realize I "play if safe" many days, but that's just part of who I am and my personal style. I love to embrace that. But, then sometimes when I step out of my comfort zone, it feels so good! This outfit here isn't playing it safe for me at all. While I love my red heels, I tend to pair them with a classic LBD or a pair of black leggings. But today I decided to go with printed jeans (since they're my latest obsession, after all). Not to mention, I found this charming cargo vest at my fav local store in town (Scarlet), and knew I had to have it, and wear it right away (do you do that, too?). I hope this outfit inspires you to step out of your "style zone" just a bit, and take a few risks. Printed jeans...red heels...vest over tee. You can do it! ;)

Here's how I wore my heels:
- White "Emerald Bay" tunic gifted by Nation LTD (also seen here)
- Olive green cargo vest by Willow & Clay (I have a feeling this will pair with everything...all the way into the summer. Looks great with skirts/dresses, too!)
- Printed tribal jeans gifted by PacSun (honestly, I would've never realized how much I love PacSun's jeans (so many style options, too) - I love how these have a print, but it's very subtle, so they're still flattering. Just make sure to go up a size!)
- Red heels gifted by REPORT (also seen here)
- Rose gold watch (also seen here)

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  1. You look great! I love those heels paired with your outfit! : )



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